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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-24extra/rust: forgot to install dependencies of the watcherAndreas Baumann
2019-10-24extra/rust: added watcher before and removed lib32-rust-libs subpackageAndreas Baumann
2019-10-23extra/rust: first try to build 1.38 with 1.38 from bootstrapping reposAndreas Baumann
2019-09-09extra/rust: use rust-bin instead of rust from bootstrapping for bootstrapping...Andreas Baumann
2019-09-09extra/rust: hopefuly fixed building of rustAndreas Baumann
2019-09-08extra/rust: debuginfo-level-std=1Andreas Baumann
2019-08-22extra/rust: no nproc, see FS#62952Andreas Baumann
2019-04-17most patches for i686 should/can be applied for pentium4, tooErich Eckner
2019-03-10extra/rust: fixed typoAndreas Baumann
2019-03-10extra/rust: updates checksum for changed spec file in vendor cargo-checksum.jsonAndreas Baumann
2019-03-10extra/rust: patched i686 for pentium3 (no SSE2)Andreas Baumann