BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
auto-pentium4core/pacman: add patches for automatically changing "i686" to "pentium4" if "...Erich Eckner19 months
i486clean up python-pip-bootstrapErich Eckner22 months
libdrmlibdrm <-> valgrind issue is fixed upstreamErich Eckner3 years
masterextra/linux-olpc-xo1: 5.9.9.arch1 -> 5.9.10.arch1Erich Eckner6 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 hoursextra/linux-olpc-xo1: 5.9.9.arch1 -> 5.9.10.arch1HEADmasterErich Eckner
48 hoursextra/linux-pae: 5.9.10 -> 5.9.11Erich Eckner
3 dayscommunity/gcc9: was removed upstreamErich Eckner
4 daysextra/linux-olpc-xo1: 5.9.8.arch1 -> 5.9.9.arch1Erich Eckner
4 daysextra/linux-pae: 5.9.9 -> 5.9.10Erich Eckner
6 daysextra/linux-pae: 5.9.8 -> 5.9.9Erich Eckner
6 dayscore/archlinux32-keyring: new version => new checksumErich Eckner
7 dayscommunity/seamonkey: forced build using older rust and llvm10Andreas Baumann
2020-11-11community/virtualbox: only build the client components - at least, they build...Erich Eckner
2020-11-11extra/linux-olpc-xo1: 5.9.6.arch1 -> 5.9.8.arch1Erich Eckner