BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
auto-pentium4core/pacman: add patches for automatically changing "i686" to "pentium4" if "...Erich Eckner3 years
i486clean up python-pip-bootstrapErich Eckner3 years
libdrmlibdrm <-> valgrind issue is fixed upstreamErich Eckner4 years
mastercommunity/nodejs-lts-fermium: skip tests - they run into a timeoutErich Eckner9 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
9 dayscommunity/nodejs-lts-fermium: skip tests - they run into a timeoutHEADmasterErich Eckner
10 daysblacklisted messengerfordesktop, renambed keybase-gui -> keybase (all electron)Andreas Baumann
13 dayscore/binutils: reenabled checkAndreas Baumann
14 dayscore/binutils: disabling checks for now and another try to delete uncompresse...Andreas Baumann
14 dayscore/binutils: removing files clashing with gdb/gdb-common by handAndreas Baumann
2022-05-13core/gcc: make makedepends_arch explicitAndreas Baumann
2022-05-07extra/clang: disabled lto for i486Andreas Baumann
2022-05-07extra/dav1d: removed enable_avx512Andreas Baumann
2022-05-07extra/compiler-rt: added -latomic on 486Andreas Baumann
2022-05-05extra/java8-openjdk: applied all patches from build-supportAndreas Baumann