BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
auto-pentium4core/pacman: add patches for automatically changing "i686" to "pentium4" if "...Erich Eckner3 years
i486clean up python-pip-bootstrapErich Eckner4 years
libdrmlibdrm <-> valgrind issue is fixed upstreamErich Eckner4 years
mastercore/archlinux32-keyring: new version => new checksumErich Eckner3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-06-12core/archlinux32-keyring: new version => new checksumHEADmasterErich Eckner
2022-06-10core/glibc: readding locale generation elimited by lib32 sed-fuAndreas Baumann
2022-06-05community/python-simplejson: temporary source and checksumAndreas Baumann
2022-06-05blacklisted dotnet-core-3.1Andreas Baumann
2022-06-05core/linux: 5.18.0 -> 5.18.1Andreas Baumann
2022-06-03community/perl-cgi: added temporary locales for testingAndreas Baumann
2022-06-03extra/clutter: disabled wayland on i486 (due to cogl)Andreas Baumann
2022-06-03extra/polkit: ignoring checks for nowAndreas Baumann
2022-06-03extra/libadwaita: added old icu makedpends to rebuild it on i486Andreas Baumann
2022-06-03core/systemd: small patch for efi-ia32 sha256 false clash, also disabled gnu-...Andreas Baumann