path: root/core/binutils
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-14core/binutils: reenabled checkAndreas Baumann
2022-05-13core/binutils: disabling checks for now and another try to delete uncompresse...Andreas Baumann
2022-05-13core/binutils: removing files clashing with gdb/gdb-common by handAndreas Baumann
2022-04-17core/binutils: fix libiberty.a on i486Andreas Baumann
2022-04-16core/binutils: redone x86_64-pep target patching, leave BPF target thereAndreas Baumann
2022-02-19core/binutils: reenabled testing and libibertyAndreas Baumann
2022-02-18core/binutils: disabling gold linker on i486Andreas Baumann
2022-02-18core/binutils: LTO and PGO disabled on i486Andreas Baumann
2022-02-18core/binutils: disable PGO on i486, running out-of-memory on build slaves oth...Andreas Baumann
2022-02-18core/binutils: force remove libibertyAndreas Baumann
2022-02-18core/binutils: more bootstrapping and no testingAndreas Baumann
2022-02-17core/binutils: break libiberty cycle with gccAndreas Baumann
2022-02-17core/binutils: removed glibc 2.30 segfault patch and ignorng ibtplt failing testAndreas Baumann
2021-04-29core/binutils: reenabled CET on i686/pentium4 and disabled on i486 (enbr2)Andreas Baumann
2020-05-22core/binutils: update checksum typeErich Eckner
2020-05-14core/binutils: readded --enable-64-bit-bfdAndreas Baumann
2020-05-14core/binutils: cleanup up around removal of --enable-64-bit-bfdAndreas Baumann
2020-03-15core/binutils:Andreas Baumann
2019-07-21core/binutils: trying to enable CET properlyAndreas Baumann
2018-09-08core/binutils: disable CET for i486Andreas Baumann
2018-06-06core/binutils: redone glibc segfault patch (avoiding collision with 0004 gold...Andreas Baumann
2018-05-27core/binutils: patch against glibc ld segfault (PR23194)Andreas Baumann
2018-05-27core/binutils: patching bug reporting URLAndreas Baumann
2018-05-13core/binutils: removed elf32 patch, glibc build still segfaultsAndreas Baumann
2018-05-12core/binutils: testing a static PIE patchAndreas Baumann
2017-12-22core/binutils: --enable-64-bit-bfdErich Eckner