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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-09-01community/python-faker: add comment about upstream issueErich Eckner
2017-08-31community/python-faker: update patch for new versionErich Eckner
2017-08-30community/python-faker: disable century-tests (which require > 32 bit)Erich Eckner
2017-08-26community/cringo: removed i686 in PKGBUILDAndreas Baumann
2017-08-26community/cringo: fixed compilation using -latomic patch from upstreamAndreas Baumann
2017-08-25community/cringo: fixed building with g++ instead of clang++Andreas Baumann
2017-08-20community/dietlibc: define socketcall in PIC case tooAndreas Baumann
2017-08-15community/python-pifpaf: remove mongodb from checkdependsErich Eckner
2017-08-08community/botan: fix sed expressionErich Eckner
2017-07-11botan: -O3 -> -O2 to fix build issueErich Eckner
2017-07-04community/debian-archive-keyring: require gnupg version of debianErich Eckner