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2019-06-12extra/qt5-declarative: trying a minimal non-SSE2 patch for WASMAndreas Baumann
2019-06-12extra/webkit2gtk: redone non-sse2 patch for 2.24.2Andreas Baumann
2019-06-12extra/nvidia-340xx-lts and extra/nvidia-340xx-utils were dropped upstream, tooErich Eckner
2019-06-12extra/nvidia-340xx: was dropped upstreamErich Eckner
2019-06-12Merge branch 'master' of Baumann
2019-06-12extra/ctags: removed seccomp 32-bit ABI patch, is applied upstreamAndreas Baumann
2019-06-11extra/linux-pae: 5.1.7 -> 5.1.9Erich Eckner
2019-06-06extra/linux-pae: 5.1.5 -> 5.1.7Erich Eckner
2019-06-02extra/linux-pae: removed IOMMU debgufs and passthorugh defaultAndreas Baumann
2019-05-28extra/nvidia-390xx: fix checksumErich Eckner
2019-05-28extra/nvidia-390xx: kernel-5.1.patch cannot be applied, because the x86 sourc...Erich Eckner
2019-05-25extra/linux-pae: 5.1.4 -> 5.1.5Erich Eckner
2019-05-22extra/linux-pae: 5.1.3 -> 5.1.4Erich Eckner
2019-05-21extra/qt5-declarative: skip patch on pentium4Erich Eckner
2019-05-21extra/flashplugin: new version => new checksumErich Eckner
2019-05-20extra/webkit2gtk: reverted insteall style.css fix, at least now pentium4 shou...Andreas Baumann
2019-05-20extra/linux-zen: new version => new config => new checksumErich Eckner
2019-05-20extra/archiso: new version => new checksumErich Eckner
2019-05-19extra/webkit2gtk: fix for anothor make install issue (style.css)Andreas Baumann
2019-05-19extra/webkit2gtk: forgot to patch CMakeFiles.txt for SSE2Andreas Baumann
2019-05-18extra/webkit2gtk: a fix for broken makefile support when building documentationAndreas Baumann
2019-05-17extra/webkit2gtk: testing non-SSE2 and build patchesAndreas Baumann
2019-05-17extra/linux-pae: 5.1.2 -> 5.1.3Erich Eckner
2019-05-15extra/linux-pae: 5.1.1 -> 5.1.2Erich Eckner
2019-05-12extra/linux-pae: 5.1 -> 5.1.1Erich Eckner
2019-05-09extra/mutter: ignore failing tests for nowAndreas Baumann
2019-05-09Merge branch 'master' of aliemjay/packages into masterErich Eckner
2019-05-09extra/gnome-desktop: Revert "remove /lib64 bind mount - we don't have that!"Ali MJ Al-Nasrawy
2019-05-06extra/linux-pae: 5.0.13 -> 5.1Erich Eckner
2019-05-05extra/linux-pae: 5.0.12 -> 5.0.13Erich Eckner
2019-05-05extra/qca: updated checksum of source tarballAndreas Baumann
2019-05-05extra/linux-pae: 5.0.11 -> 5.0.12Erich Eckner
2019-05-04extra/qt5-base: no sse2 for i486/i686, but sse2 for pentium4Andreas Baumann
2019-05-03extra/colord: no vala on i486Andreas Baumann
2019-05-02extra/linux-pae: 5.0.10 -> 5.0.11Erich Eckner
2019-05-02extra/clang: temporarily ignore failing test for clang-tidy/abseil-duration-f...Andreas Baumann
2019-05-02extra/subversion: fixed check for java-environment for i486Andreas Baumann
2019-04-30extra/linux-zen: new version => new config => new checksumErich Eckner
2019-04-29extra/linux-pae: 5.0.9 -> 5.0.10Erich Eckner
2019-04-25extra/linux-zen: new version => new config => new checksumErich Eckner
2019-04-23extra/linux-pae: 5.0.8 -> 5.0.9Erich Eckner
2019-04-17most patches for i686 should/can be applied for pentium4, tooErich Eckner
2019-04-17extra/asp: 0.3 -> 0.5 and switch to for now due to certi...Erich Eckner
2019-04-17extra/linux-pae: 5.0.7 -> 5.0.8Erich Eckner
2019-04-14extra/devtools: 20190410 -> 20190414Erich Eckner
2019-04-10extra/devtools: 20190404 -> 20190410Erich Eckner
2019-04-06extra/linux-pae: 5.0.6 -> 5.0.7Erich Eckner
2019-04-05extra/ffmepg: remvoved x264 removal, doenst work this wayAndreas Baumann
2019-04-05extra/ffmpeg: fixed stupid typoAndreas Baumann
2019-04-05extra/ffmpeg: removed x264, to break cycleAndreas Baumann