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2021-02-12extra/thunderbird: trying to get away with less debug symbolsAndreas Baumann
2021-02-12extra/thunderbird: some blind temptative trial to fix the buildAndreas Baumann
2021-02-12community/imapsync: bumping gitAndreas Baumann
2019-09-20more sed patching crazinessAndreas Baumann
2019-09-20more firefox/thunderbird patchingAndreas Baumann
2019-09-20some patch fixingAndreas Baumann
2019-09-20extra/thunderbird: trying to handle out-of-memory and resource consumption is...Andreas Baumann
2019-09-09remove rust-bin in several makedepends againAndreas Baumann
2019-08-24extra/thundebird: use rust-bin instead of rustAndreas Baumann
2018-11-24extra/thunderbird: do not use gold linker (doesn't understand anti-memeory-ho...Andreas Baumann
2018-11-24extra/thunderbird: trying firefox trick for (ld flags)Andreas Baumann
2018-09-11extra/thunderbird: no mach -j1Andreas Baumann
2018-09-11extra/thunderbird: same rust no-lto trick as for firefoxAndreas Baumann
2018-09-05extra/thunderbird: try LDFLAGS+=" -Wl,--no-keep-memory"Erich Eckner