path: root/core/libseccomp
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-02-27core/libseccomp: deleted i486 patching by accident, readdedAndreas Baumann
2020-02-27core/libseccomp: removed local patching, 2.4.2 is available from upstreamAndreas Baumann
2020-02-23core/libseccomp: make sure, we only path the old versionErich Eckner
2020-02-23core/libseccomp: 2.4.1-4 shims for 2.4.2 and packport ppollAndreas Baumann
2019-08-17core/libseccomp: temporarily disabled testingAndreas Baumann
2019-06-16core/libseccomp: ignoring failing valgrind tests on i486Andreas Baumann