AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-27fixed some comments in blacklisted packagesAndreas Baumann
2021-04-27blacklisted polkit on i486 (using polkit-duktape instead)Andreas Baumann
2021-04-26blacklisted js78 on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-04-26extra/polkit-duktape: for i486 only replacing mozjs78-baed polkitAndreas Baumann
2021-04-26dded librsvg to i486 Rust blacklistAndreas Baumann
2021-04-26added newsboat to i486 rust blacklistAndreas Baumann
2021-04-26extra/linux-pae: 5.11.16 -> 5.12Erich Eckner
2021-04-26extra/linux-olpc-xo1: do not do "make olddefconfig" by default - use the conf...Erich Eckner
2021-04-25build-support/graphviz-dummy: new version => new checksumErich Eckner
2021-04-25removed everything from the i486 rust blacklist (readd later non-building stuff)Andreas Baumann
2021-04-25extra/libreoffice-*: tried to build i486Andreas Baumann
2021-04-25updated descriptions in libreofficeAndreas Baumann
2021-04-25extra/suitesparse: added -latomic for i486Andreas Baumann
2021-04-25extra/harfbuzz: readded cairo for i486Andreas Baumann
2021-04-24extra/abiword: no link-grammar on i486 and removed from i486 blacklistAndreas Baumann
2021-04-24removed gtkmathview from i486 blacklistAndreas Baumann
2021-04-24removed aiksaurus from i486 blacklistAndreas Baumann
2021-04-24extra/postfix: no mysql on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-04-24community/python-httpcore: ignoring tests (they block slaves)Andreas Baumann
2021-04-24extra/chromaprint: moved from communityAndreas Baumann
2021-04-24community/chromaprint: temporary fix for FS#70567, delisted from i486 blacklistAndreas Baumann
2021-04-24removed openal from the i486 blacklistAndreas Baumann
2021-04-24community/mupdf: added explicit libxxf86vm makedpeends for i486Andreas Baumann
2021-04-24removed vice from i486 blacklistAndreas Baumann
2021-04-23community/nodejs: work around out-of-memory issues when linkingAndreas Baumann
2021-04-23community/libmysofa: disabled nodejs testing on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-04-23remove mpv from i486 blacklistAndreas Baumann
2021-04-23Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Baumann
2021-04-23community/rubberband: no java on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-04-23extra/linux-zen: new version => new config => new checksumErich Eckner
2021-04-23extra/linux-olpc-xo1: 5.11.15.arch1 -> 5.11.16.arch1Erich Eckner
2021-04-23core/linux: new version => new config => new checksumErich Eckner
2021-04-23core/pacman: adopted upstream changes to makepkg.confErich Eckner
2021-04-23extra/swt: removed upstreamErich Eckner
2021-04-22core/gpgme: removed workaround for FS#66572, seems to work now; remove no qt5...Andreas Baumann
2021-04-22removed all remaining qt5-* packages from i486 blacklistAndreas Baumann
2021-04-22extra/qt5-tools: remove icu69 and i486 patching for qt5-webkitAndreas Baumann
2021-04-22remove qt5-webkit from the i486 blacklistAndreas Baumann
2021-04-22extra/qt5-webkit: working around huge memory consumption when linkingAndreas Baumann
2021-04-22extra/mesa: removed i486 cycle break patches for libva and libglvndAndreas Baumann
2021-04-22extra/qt5-webkit: trying with standard instead of gold linkerAndreas Baumann
2021-04-22extra/pulseaudio: fixed failing because of missing doxygen for all architecturesAndreas Baumann
2021-04-22extra/avahi: remove i486 specific patchingAndreas Baumann
2021-04-22extra/qt5-webkit: reenable ruby on i486 (rubygems was too old)Andreas Baumann
2021-04-22Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Baumann
2021-04-22community/tigervnc: no java and DRI3 on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-04-22extra/linux-pae: 5.11.15 -> 5.11.16Erich Eckner
2021-04-22removed fltk from i486 blacklistAndreas Baumann
2021-04-22extra/qtkeychain: icu68 to make qt6 lrelease workAndreas Baumann
2021-04-22extra/qtkeychain: no Qt6 on i486Andreas Baumann