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blacklisted efivar for i486
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@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ pentium4 cuda # cuda 9.0 is 64-bit only
pentium4 delve # currently no 32-bit support, see <a href="">upstream</a>
pentium4 dotnet-core # not available for 32-bit on linux, see <a href="">here</a>
pentium4 eclipse # no more 32-bit packages upstream, compile your own or use 2018-09/R
+i486 efivar # doesn't make a lot of sense for BIOS non-EFI systems
pentium4 electron # fails to build since quite some time - feel free to open pull requests
pentium4 electron2 # see above
pentium4 firefox-developer-edition # llvm segfaults, virtual memory issues (blacklisting may be temporary)