AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-06-21Configure to build for arch32HEADmasterTyler Dence
2017-09-07fixed travis buildChristian Rebischke
2017-09-07increased wait commando due to issues on the arch linux build serversChristian Rebischke
2017-09-07changed boot_wait and made it to a variableChristian Rebischke
2017-09-05set keep artifacts to falseChristian Rebischke
2017-09-05changed path to iso to server specific file path to simplify deploymentChristian Rebischke
2017-08-22Update README.mdChristian Rebischke
2017-08-21Merge pull request #23 from kBite/make-travis-validate-jsonChristian Rebischke
2017-08-21Merge pull request #22 from kBite/bug/fixed-checksum-variable-names-not-commitedChristian Rebischke
2017-08-21add comment why packer's version is hardcodedKilian Engelhardt
2017-08-21add travis file to validate vagrant.jsonKilian Engelhardt
2017-08-21bug fix to PR #21: variable names not committedKilian Engelhardt
2017-08-21Merge pull request #21 from kBite/eliminate-hardcoded-hash-valueChristian Rebischke
2017-08-20replace iso_checksum with iso_checksum_urlKilian Engelhardt
2017-08-14restructured post-processors in sequenceChristian Rebischke
2017-08-13updated checksumChristian Rebischke
2017-08-13bugfix for optional zero_writeChristian Rebischke
2017-08-10added isotime for iso_urlChristian Rebischke
2017-08-07added check to make write_zeroes optionalChristian Rebischke
2017-08-07making the zero write optionalChristian Rebischke
2017-08-02Merge pull request #17 from appleby/improve-disk-compactionChristian Rebischke
2017-08-02Write zeros to disk to improve disk compressionMike Appleby
2017-07-17added vagrant-cloud post-processorChristian Rebischke
2017-07-17added ignore for output directoriesChristian Rebischke
2017-07-15Merge pull request #12 from rafaelsoaresbr/vmware-supportChristian Rebischke
2017-07-08added .swp to gitignoreChristian Rebischke
2017-07-08added keep_input_artifactChristian Rebischke
2017-07-05Update (Closes #3)Rafael Soares
2017-07-05Add vmware supportRafael Soares
2017-07-05Merge branch 'master' of Rebischke
2017-07-05added headlessChristian Rebischke
2017-07-05Merge pull request #10 from rafaelsoaresbr/fix-localeChristian Rebischke
2017-07-05new release of arch linux isoChristian Rebischke
2017-07-03Fix the building proccessRafael Soares
2017-07-02Merge pull request #6 from rafaelsoaresbr/patch-1Christian Rebischke
2017-07-02Re-enable vboxserviceRafael Soares
2017-07-02Merge pull request #7 from rafaelsoaresbr/configure-polkitChristian Rebischke
2017-07-02Setting up authorization rule for PolkitRafael Soares
2017-06-28Remove header/dkms (Closes #4)Rafael Soares
2017-06-05added right SHA1 checksumChristian Rebischke
2017-06-05new arch linux releaseChristian Rebischke
2017-06-05BUGFIX: This is a fix for #2Christian Rebischke
2017-05-10added README1.0Christian Rebischke
2017-05-08added bootcommands for qemuChristian Rebischke
2017-05-08fixed datetime errorChristian Rebischke
2017-05-07added qemu provisioning scriptsChristian Rebischke
2017-05-07added qemu supportChristian Rebischke
2017-05-07added *.box to gitignoreChristian Rebischke
2017-05-07Different enhancementsChristian Rebischke
2017-05-07added systemd-resolved + rankmirrorsChristian Rebischke