AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-06-21Configure to build for arch32HEADmasterTyler Dence
2017-09-07fixed travis buildChristian Rebischke
2017-09-07increased wait commando due to issues on the arch linux build serversChristian Rebischke
2017-09-07changed boot_wait and made it to a variableChristian Rebischke
2017-09-05set keep artifacts to falseChristian Rebischke
2017-09-05changed path to iso to server specific file path to simplify deploymentChristian Rebischke
2017-08-22Update README.mdChristian Rebischke
added travis-ci icon
2017-08-21Merge pull request #23 from kBite/make-travis-validate-jsonChristian Rebischke
Make travis validate json
2017-08-21Merge pull request #22 from kBite/bug/fixed-checksum-variable-names-not-commitedChristian Rebischke
bug fix to PR #21: fixed variable names not committed
2017-08-21add comment why packer's version is hardcodedKilian Engelhardt
As of writing there is no 'latest' (hashicorp/packer/issues/5265)
2017-08-21add travis file to validate vagrant.jsonKilian Engelhardt
2017-08-21bug fix to PR #21: variable names not committedKilian Engelhardt
I'm sorry, I didn't double check what's staged and thus didn't commit fixed variable names: 'iso_checksum' -> 'iso_checksum_url'
2017-08-21Merge pull request #21 from kBite/eliminate-hardcoded-hash-valueChristian Rebischke
replace iso_checksum with iso_checksum_url
2017-08-20replace iso_checksum with iso_checksum_urlKilian Engelhardt
By replacing iso_checksum with iso_checksum_url there is no need to hardcode hash values into vagrant.json. Trying to add mirror variable leeds to errors: vars inside variables are not reusable. See packer issue (#874)[]
2017-08-14restructured post-processors in sequenceChristian Rebischke
We need a sequence if we want to use the vagrant-cloud post-processor.
2017-08-13updated checksumChristian Rebischke
2017-08-13bugfix for optional zero_writeChristian Rebischke
2017-08-10added isotime for iso_urlChristian Rebischke
2017-08-07added check to make write_zeroes optionalChristian Rebischke
2017-08-07making the zero write optionalChristian Rebischke
2017-08-02Merge pull request #17 from appleby/improve-disk-compactionChristian Rebischke
Write zeros to disk to improve disk compression
2017-08-02Write zeros to disk to improve disk compressionMike Appleby
Write zeros to a file on the root partition until the filesystem is full, then unlink the file. Packer will compress the disk as part of the build, resulting in smaller final disk image.
2017-07-17added vagrant-cloud post-processorChristian Rebischke
I also enabled headless for future headless builds on a buildserver
2017-07-17added ignore for output directoriesChristian Rebischke
2017-07-15Merge pull request #12 from rafaelsoaresbr/vmware-supportChristian Rebischke
Vmware support
2017-07-08added .swp to gitignoreChristian Rebischke
2017-07-08added keep_input_artifactChristian Rebischke
2017-07-05Update (Closes #3)Rafael Soares
2017-07-05Add vmware supportRafael Soares
2017-07-05Merge branch 'master' of Rebischke
2017-07-05added headlessChristian Rebischke
2017-07-05Merge pull request #10 from rafaelsoaresbr/fix-localeChristian Rebischke
Fix the building proccess
2017-07-05new release of arch linux isoChristian Rebischke
2017-07-03Fix the building proccessRafael Soares
2017-07-02Merge pull request #6 from rafaelsoaresbr/patch-1Christian Rebischke
Remove header/dkms (Closes #4)
2017-07-02Re-enable vboxserviceRafael Soares
2017-07-02Merge pull request #7 from rafaelsoaresbr/configure-polkitChristian Rebischke
Setting up authorization rule for Polkit
2017-07-02Setting up authorization rule for PolkitRafael Soares
2017-06-28Remove header/dkms (Closes #4)Rafael Soares
Use Virtualbox guest kernel modules for Arch Kernel (virtualbox-guest-modules-arch).
2017-06-05added right SHA1 checksumChristian Rebischke
2017-06-05new arch linux releaseChristian Rebischke
2017-06-05BUGFIX: This is a fix for #2Christian Rebischke
This commit fixes the 'file not found: `fsck.btrfs''-Error during system upgrade.
2017-05-10added README1.0Christian Rebischke
2017-05-08added bootcommands for qemuChristian Rebischke
2017-05-08fixed datetime errorChristian Rebischke
2017-05-07added qemu provisioning scriptsChristian Rebischke
2017-05-07added qemu supportChristian Rebischke
2017-05-07added *.box to gitignoreChristian Rebischke
2017-05-07Different enhancementsChristian Rebischke
added polkit to pacstrap for systemctl poweroff, added sudo to poweroff command, moved link for systemd-resolved to
2017-05-07added systemd-resolved + rankmirrorsChristian Rebischke