AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-15increased machine size in pacman.c by oneHEADmasterAndreas Baumann
2019-05-15change "i686" to "pentium4" if sse2 is availableErich Eckner
2019-05-15tests should change "i686" to "pentium4" if sse2 is availableErich Eckner
2019-05-15makepkg: install all dependencies simultanously, if possibleErich Eckner
2019-05-08makepkg: propagate error codes when package failed to sign correctlyEli Schwartz
2019-05-08libmakepkg: install pkg-config fileEli Schwartz
2019-05-08libmakepkg: fix missing or inaccurate interdependenciesEli Schwartz
2019-05-08scripts: protect against unintended glob matching in [[ ]] RHSEli Schwartz
2019-05-08makepkg: use more to clean the environment of special variablesEli Schwartz
2019-05-08meson: fix build of executables with nonstandard libarchive pathEli Schwartz
2019-05-08makepkg: fix bash 5 compatibility when packaging symlinks to a directoryEli Schwartz
2019-05-08Fix clang 8 string-plus-int warningsRikard Falkeborn
2019-05-08makepkg: correctly handle hg sources with updates on a non-default branchEli Schwartz
2019-05-08libmakepkg: fix migration to for integsumsEli Schwartz
2019-03-25bash-completion: support file redirection completionsEli Schwartz
2019-03-20Use bug tracker to track bugsAllan McRae
2019-03-19doc: generalize description of the bash nature of PKGBUILD functionsEli Schwartz
2019-03-19Clarify that build_options only apply during build()Que Quotion
2019-03-19libmakepkg: fix reporting of invalid archive extensions in compress.shEli Schwartz
2019-03-19makepkg: use "shared" git clones when checking out sourcesEli Schwartz
2019-03-19build: check for gpgme with pkg-config before gpgme-configEli Schwartz
2019-03-19drop DU* config variablesSantiago Torres
2019-03-19build: remove references to variable replacements from pacman-optimizeEli Schwartz
2019-03-19Make makepkg compute sizes properlySantiago Torres
2019-03-19Reformatting log timestamp to include time-zoneFlorian Wehner
2019-03-07Remove support for deltas from libalpmAllan McRae
2019-03-07Make pacman forget deltas existAllan McRae
2019-03-07Remove cleanupdeltaAllan McRae
2019-03-07Remove pkgdeltaAllan McRae
2019-03-07Remove delta support from repo-addAllan McRae
2019-03-07doc: add man page for pacman-confJelle van der Waa
2019-03-07doc: set rootdir correctly in man pagesJelle van der Waa
2019-03-07makepkg: add new checksum algorithm via coreutils b2sumEli Schwartz
2019-03-07pacman: fix segfault when Usage is specified without a valuemorganamilo
2019-03-01Sanitize file name received from Content-Disposition headerAndrew Gregory
2019-02-21Use standard, consistent units in the download progress.Sever Oraz
2019-02-21meson: fix static/shared split againEli Schwartz
2019-02-21libmakepkg: migrate to for integsumsEli Schwartz
2019-02-21makepkg: simplify run_pacman logicEli Schwartz
2019-02-21makepkg: implement locking for pacman commandsEli Schwartz
2019-02-12build: link vercmp with a static copy of libalpmEli Schwartz
2019-02-12Add implicit fall through warningAllan McRae
2019-02-07libalpm: prevent 301 redirect loop from hanging the processMark Ulrich
2019-02-07I blame everyone but me for thisAllan McRae
2019-02-04fix various typosmorganamilo
2019-01-31libmakepkg: lint disallowed architecture specific variablesmorganamilo
2019-01-31libmakepkg: lint disallowed variables in package()morganamilo
2019-01-31libmakepkg: centralise random arrays of pkgbuild variablesmorganamilo
2019-01-30makepkg: use --unneeded for pacman call in remove_deps()Allan McRae
2019-01-30libmakepkg: Add lzip ext supportChloe Kudryavtsev