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Example logs at
+Channels with localised time
+LogBot now also supports having localised time on a per channel basis using the pytz library, allowing you to have the logs of specific channels use different timezones.
+Installing pytz should be as simple as running `easy_install --upgrade pytz`, see for details.
+Don't worry, if you don't have pytz installed, LogBot will continue to show the logs timestamped with your system's localtime as it used to.
+Next you can create a simple text file at `~/.logbot-channel_locations.conf` (or wherever `CHANNEL_LOCATIONS_FILE` in points to).
+On each line you can now specify a channel name, and the timezone location of which it should use the timezone offset, separated by a space. Example:
+ #excid3 America/Chicago
+ #netherlands Europe/Amsterdam
+ #aloha US/Hawaii
+ #space UTC
+Any channel not specified in this file will use the default timezone as specified in DEFAULT_TIMEZONE, which defaults to 'UTC'.
+If you want to see a list of all possible timezone location names you can use, run:
+ python -c 'import pytz;print pytz.all_timezones'