path: root/bin/db-update
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-05make shellcheck happy againErich Eckner
2021-04-30bin/db-update: fix copy-paste-typo in mysql query (8537258ac44cefebfa7b5a4f94...Erich Eckner
2021-04-30bin/db-update: clean up mysql logic: don't insert more than necessary, if the...Erich Eckner
2021-04-20bin/db-update: -s/--stuck newErich Eckner
2021-04-20bin/db-update: add commentErich Eckner
2021-04-20bin/db-update: -e should not need arguments - we have -o for filteringErich Eckner
2021-02-19bin/db-update: -e|--everything newErich Eckner
2021-02-19bin/db-update: --force needs an argument, tooErich Eckner
2020-06-18bin/db-update: short-circuit -p|--progressiveErich Eckner
2020-06-18bin/db-update: pin-point error with `db-update -p`Erich Eckner
2020-06-18bin/db-update: add TODOErich Eckner
2020-06-05bin/db-update: add TODOErich Eckner
2020-05-07bin/db-update: -p does not move split package parts separately anymoreErich Eckner
2020-05-06bin/db-update: add TODOErich Eckner
2020-04-25make shellcheck happyErich Eckner
2020-04-17bin/db-update: -f moves all parts of a split package simultanously, nowErich Eckner
2020-04-17bin/db-update: add TODOErich Eckner
2020-03-20bin/db-update: do not rename, rather rm and ln -s - to keep the file date up-...Erich Eckner
2020-02-23bin/db-update: rephrase help textErich Eckner
2020-01-31bin/db-update: uses intentions-queue, nowErich Eckner
2020-01-31lib/intentions-queue: make intentions_left() work similar to flock and verbos...Erich Eckner
2020-01-30check intentions_left() whenever we get a package_database_lockErich Eckner
2020-01-30lib/common-functions: add TODO about intentions-queueErich Eckner
2019-10-17lib/mysql-functions: mysql_package_name_query(): take compression suffix from...Erich Eckner
2019-08-29bin/db-update: -o|--only newErich Eckner
2019-05-24bin/db-update: show names instead of ids for nothing-to-do repository-stabili...Erich Eckner
2019-05-24bin/db-update: remove done TODOErich Eckner
2019-04-29bin/db-update: operate on a per-arch and per-stability basisErich Eckner
2019-04-29bin/db-update: add TODOErich Eckner
2019-01-19bin/db-update: ADDDATE(x,-y) -> SUBDATE(x,y)Erich Eckner
2019-01-17style: WHERE,ON,FROM,SELECT,JOIN should be on beginning of source linesErich Eckner
2019-01-15bin/db-update -p: consider the stability of the reposErich Eckner
2019-01-15bin/db-update: name tablesErich Eckner
2019-01-15bin/db-update -p: care about versions, tooErich Eckner
2019-01-15bin/db-update: add another TODOErich Eckner
2019-01-15bin/db-update: add TODOErich Eckner
2019-01-15bin/db-update: add some commentsErich Eckner
2019-01-15bin/db-update -p: moved packages may replace packages in other repositories o...Erich Eckner
2019-01-11bin/db-update: some safeguard: do not "find -delete" w/o "-xdev"Erich Eckner
2018-10-28bin/db-update: -f|--force takes $arch/$repo/$pkgname instead of $binary_packa...Erich Eckner
2018-10-05bin/db-update: update TODOErich Eckner
2018-09-10lib/common-functions: failsafe_rsync() newErich Eckner
2018-09-10lib/common-functions: failsafe_sftp() newErich Eckner
2018-09-05bin/db-update: -i|--ignore-insanity newErich Eckner
2018-07-26bin/db-update: fix typoErich Eckner
2018-07-26bin/db-update: only mark packages in testing as tested after ${max_testing_du...Erich Eckner
2018-07-19mark packages without bug reports as tested after some time (default: 2 weeks)Erich Eckner
2018-06-22bin/db-update: FROM_stability - not TO_stabilityErich Eckner
2018-06-22bin/db-update: the OLD dependencies must be broken - not the NEW!Erich Eckner
2018-06-13lib/common-functions: recompress_gz() new to recompress databases before send...Erich Eckner