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diff --git a/bin/seed-build-list b/bin/seed-build-list
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--- a/bin/seed-build-list
+++ b/bin/seed-build-list
@@ -362,6 +362,11 @@ fi
printf ' AND `dependency_types`.`relevant_for_binary_packages`'
mysql_join_dependencies_install_target_providers_with_versions '' 'itp_dummy'
# some dependencies are not provided by the least stable packages
+# TODO: this logic is flawed: we check, that no install_target_provider is superseeded
+# by a less stable package with the same name, but we need to check, that each install_target
+# is provided by a not-superseeded install_target_provider - e.g. by the least stable one
+# of all with the same name
+printf 'you should not use this - it won'"'"'t do, what you expect'
printf ' WHERE NOT EXISTS ('
printf 'SELECT 1 FROM `install_target_providers`'
mysql_join_install_target_providers_binary_packages '' 'subst_bp'