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## Files in git repository
For packages that need some customizations, the build system will use a repository that consist from the following files:
-- _[package_name]_/_[architecture_name] shell script, which will run in the same directory where the original PKGBUILD found. It can do the following things: apply sed lines, apply patches, or even replace the original PKGBUILD file with a custom one.
+- _[repository]_/_[package_name]_/PKGBUILD: This file will be appended to the original PKGBUILD, therefore any variables and functions can be overwritten.
+- _[repository]_/_[package_name]_/_[other_files]_: These files will be copied to the original directory, overwriting any existing file there.
- blacklist: text file, list of packages that will be ignored by the build system (e.g. cannot build for this architecture).
- build-manually: text file, list of packages that will be added to the build list on update, but need manual interaction before build. Packages that depend on this package will be also hold back.
- update-once: text file, list of packages that will be updated next time even if nothing changed. This list will be cleared out on next update. This list overrides the 'build-manually' list.