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+# no documentation
+sed -i '/makedepends=/,/)/ s/docbook-xsl//' PKGBUILD
+sed -i '/makedepends=/,/)/ s/libxslt//' PKGBUILD
+sed -i '/makedepends=/,/)/ s/python-lxml//' PKGBUILD
+sed -i 's/\(rm.*man8\)/#\1/' PKGBUILD
+# we don't need systemd-sysvcompat
+sed -i "/pkgname=/,/)/ s/'systemd-sysvcompat'//" PKGBUILD
+# break cyclic dependency with cryptsetup and dbus
+sed -i '/makedepends=/,/)/ s/cryptsetup//' PKGBUILD
+sed -i "/depends=/,/)/ s/'cryptsetup'//" PKGBUILD
+sed -i "/depends=/,/)/ s/'dbus'//" PKGBUILD
+# we build without verifying PGP keys, so disable git tag valication
+sed -i 's/\(_validate_tag || return\)/#\1/' PKGBUILD
+# disable EFI support, we build for old machines with a PC BIOS
+sed -i '/makedepends=/,/)/ s/gnu-efi-libs//' PKGBUILD
+sed -i 's/-Dgnuefi=true/-Dgnuefi=false/g' PKGBUILD
+# disable LTO support for now
+sed -i '/-Dsysvrcnd-path=/ a \ -Db_lto=false' PKGBUILD