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added a note on PAE and LM flags
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@@ -73,5 +73,10 @@ print " Hint:\n";
print " Currently some i686 packages require SSE2 - which is a bug we're trying to solve.\n";
print " If you experience any problems related to illegal instructions although your cpu should support the architecture (as listed above), please report the issue to us in <a href=\"\">the forums</a>, on irc or on <a href=\"\">the bug tracker</a>.\n";
print " </p>\n";
+print " <p>\n";
+print " Also note:\n";
+print " If your flags contain 'pae' you can use the linux-pae package to make use of more memory.\n";
+print " If your flags contain 'lm' you can still use Archlinux32, but 64-bit Archlinux might be the better option\n";
+print " </p>\n";
print " </div>\n";