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<p>If you are an existing Arch user, there is no need to download a new ISO
to update your existing system. You may be looking for
- <a href="">an updated mirrorlist</a> instead.</p>
+ <a href="">an updated mirrorlist</a> instead.</p>
<h3>Package Archive</h3>
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to <a href="">our community maintained repositories</a>, follow
these steps:</p>
- <li> Put any mirror from <a href="">our mirrorlist</a>
+ <li> Put any mirror from <a href="">our mirrorlist</a>
into <code>/etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist</code>.</li>
<li> Execute <code>pacman -Syy archlinux32-keyring-transition</code> to install our keyring transition package signed by one of the x86_64 archlinux devs.</li>
<li> Execute <code>pacman -S archlinux32-keyring</code> to install our most recent keyring package.</li>