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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author our iso is called "archlinux32-...", nowErich Eckner no more -dual isosErich Eckner update mirrorlistErich Eckner do not check for current iso on mirrors - we are _just_ ↵Erich Eckner
uploading it properly initialize available_mirrors arrayErich Eckner fix indentationErich Eckner do not cleanupErich Eckner fix typo in progress messageErich Eckner update websiteErich Eckner only dl sig and checksums if necessaryErich Eckner use all mirrors if none has the iso syncedErich Eckner search for string, not regex in directory listingErich Eckner change tracker url to our ownErich Eckner make executable from everywhereErich Eckner make executableErich Eckner add timeout to curlErich Eckner
2017-10-14Run shellcheckSimon Doppler
2017-10-08Remove annoying messagesSimon Doppler
2017-10-08Update torrent filenameSimon Doppler
2017-09-04Add check for transmission-showSimon Doppler
2017-09-04Delete unused filesSimon Doppler
2017-09-04Handle upload of files to hefur and a web serverSimon Doppler
2017-09-03Check for missing programsSimon Doppler
2017-08-08Clean up directory before building new filesSimon Doppler
2017-08-08All architecture selectionSimon Doppler
2017-08-07Do not duplicate mirrors on the second runSimon Doppler
2017-08-07Build both architectures at the same timeSimon Doppler
2017-08-07Create feed from magnet linksSimon Doppler
2017-08-06Improve options handlingSimon Doppler
2017-08-06Add LICENSE and READMESimon Doppler
2017-08-06Use the options for the dateSimon Doppler
2017-08-06Show magnet linkSimon Doppler
2017-08-06Initial commitSimon Doppler