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+# Reflector configuration file for the systemd service.
+# Empty lines and lines beginning with "#" are ignored. All other lines should
+# contain valid reflector command-line arguments. The lines are parsed with
+# Python's shlex modules so standard shell syntax should work. All arguments are
+# collected into a single argument list.
+# See "reflector --help" for details.
+# Recommended Options
+# Set the output path where the mirrorlist will be saved (--save).
+--save /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist
+# Select the transfer protocol (--protocol).
+--protocol https
+# Select the country (--country).
+# Consult the list of available countries with "reflector --list-countries" and
+# select the countries nearest to you or the ones that you trust. For example:
+# --country France,Germany
+# Use only the most recently synchronized mirrors (--latest).
+--latest 5
+# Sort the mirrors by synchronization time (--sort).
+--sort age