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2022-04-24extra/java17-openjdk: copied from java-openjsk (which is now JDK 18)Andreas Baumann
2022-04-24extra/freetype2: using librsvg-og on i486 (with hotfix)Andreas Baumann
2022-04-24extra/librsvg-og: temporary hotfix for breaking API changesAndreas Baumann
2022-04-24extra/imlib2: disabled amd64 optimizationsAndreas Baumann
2022-04-23extra/mesa-amber: applied patched from mesaAndreas Baumann
2022-04-23extra/mesa: redone all patching especially i486 stuffAndreas Baumann
2022-04-23extra/mesa: redone all patching especially i486 stuffAndreas Baumann
2022-04-23extra/mesa: do not remove all gallium drivers on i486Andreas Baumann
2022-04-23extra/gnome-remote-desktop: python-dbus -> dbus-python, ignoring testsAndreas Baumann
2022-04-23extra/upower: python-dbus -> dbus->pythonAndreas Baumann
2022-04-22extra/rust: build rust 1.60 with rust 1.60Andreas Baumann
2022-04-22extra/librsvg: disabled specific optimizations for pentium4, they just fail, ...Andreas Baumann
2022-04-22extra/rust: back to -j1Andreas Baumann
2022-04-22extra/rust: more fixes around lib32Andreas Baumann
2022-04-22extra/rust: fixed std lib movingAndreas Baumann
2022-04-21extra/rust: reverted -j8 to -j1Andreas Baumann
2022-04-21extra/rust: trying to bootstrap rust 1.60Andreas Baumann
2022-04-18extra/linux-zen: another wrong checksumAndreas Baumann
2022-04-17extra/linux-pae: fixed wrong checksum of configAndreas Baumann
2022-04-16extra/linux-olpc-xo1: 5.17.1 -> 5.17.3Andreas Baumann
2022-04-16extra/linux-pae: 5.17.2 -> 5.17.3Andreas Baumann
2022-04-14extra/libcanberra: removed replaces libcanberra-pulses (FS32#251)Andreas Baumann
2022-04-09botan moved from community to extraErich Eckner
2022-04-09extra/signond: removed local patching, is fixedAndreas Baumann
2022-04-08extra/linux-pae: 5.17.1 -> 5.17.2Erich Eckner
2022-04-08extra/linux-pae: removed _pkgver, kept pkgverAndreas Baumann
2022-04-02extra/opencolorio: some SSE patching for i686/i486Andreas Baumann
2022-04-02extra/flac/PKGBUILD: check in againAndreas Baumann
2022-04-02extra/flac: remove SSE only on i486 and i686, not on pentium4Andreas Baumann
2022-04-02extra/texmacs: removed, is in AUR nowAndreas Baumann
2022-03-30extra/linux-pae: 5.16.14 -> 5.17.1Erich Eckner
2022-03-30extra/linux-olpc-xo1: 5.16.14.arch1 -> 5.17.1.arch1Erich Eckner
2022-03-30extra/linux-zen: new version => new config => new checksumErich Eckner
2022-03-27extra/tbb: no testing on 486Andreas Baumann
2022-03-26extra/libplacebo: added explicit libunwind makedepend on i586Andreas Baumann
2022-03-26extra/meson: local arch-meson script and patch for no LTO for i486Andreas Baumann
2022-03-26extra/meson: disabled default LTO for i486 (b_lto)Andreas Baumann
2022-03-25extra/mpd: disabled LTO on i486Andreas Baumann
2022-03-25extra/xorg-server: disabled LTO on i486Andreas Baumann
2022-03-25extra/ffmpeg: librsvg-og on i486Andreas Baumann
2022-03-24core/guile: moved from extra repoAndreas Baumann
2022-03-24extra/ffmpeg4.4: fixed issues in FS32#239Andreas Baumann
2022-03-24extra/ffmpeg: fixed issues in FS32#239Andreas Baumann
2022-03-13extra/linux-olpc-xo1: 5.16.11 -> 5.16.14Andreas Baumann
2022-03-13extra/linux-pae: 5.16.8 -> 5.16.14Andreas Baumann
2022-03-13extra/linux-zen: 5.16.10-zen1 -> 5.16.14-zen1Andreas Baumann
2022-03-11extra/linux-olpc-xo1: enabled plusb moduleAndreas Baumann
2022-03-11extra/flac: no SSE on i686 and i486Andreas Baumann
2022-03-10extra/flac: also back-referenced error reportsAndreas Baumann
2022-03-10extra/flac: patch for cmake and -mstackrealing in nasmAndreas Baumann