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2021-02-05extra/libproxy: *really* fix the packaging ...Erich Eckner
2021-02-05extra/libproxy: fix pkgname-removalErich Eckner
2021-02-05extra/libproxy: fixed building and i486 patching (FS32#140)Andreas Baumann
2021-02-04extra/emacs/PKGBUILD: dependency libmagick6 was dropped upstream, we do so, ↵Erich Eckner
too, and hope, it still builds on i486 :-D
2021-02-04extra/linux-pae: 5.10.12 -> 5.10.13Erich Eckner
2021-02-04extra/rust: some fixes around rust-musl, nproc and architecture patchingAndreas Baumann
2021-02-03extra/linux-olpc-xo1: 5.10.11.arch1 -> 5.10.12.arch1Erich Eckner
2021-02-03extra/linux-zen: new version => new config => new checksumErich Eckner
2021-02-03extra/ffmpeg: yet another typoErich Eckner
2021-02-03extra/ffmpeg: LESS quoting ... dammitErich Eckner
2021-02-03extra/ffmpeg: remove libmfxErich Eckner
2021-02-03extra/ffmpeg: fix typoErich Eckner
2021-02-03Updated checksums for linux-zenAseem Athale
2021-02-03Fixed linux-zen configAseem Athale
2021-02-02Merge branch 'updates-from-mistersmee'Erich Eckner
2021-02-02Disabled BPF options for linux zen configAseem Athale
2021-02-02extra/linux-zen: forgot to update checksumsErich Eckner
2021-02-02extra/linux-zen: disable BPFErich Eckner
2021-01-31extra/linux-pae: 5.10.11 -> 5.10.12Erich Eckner
2021-01-30extra/mesa: empty stubs for package of vulkan-mesa-layers, vulkan-swrast ↵Andreas Baumann
frir i486, removing from pkgname doesnt work
2021-01-29extra/opencv: removed local eigen patch, seems to build without itAndreas Baumann
2021-01-29extra/linux-olpc-xo1: 5.10.10.arch1 -> 5.10.11.arch1Erich Eckner
2021-01-29extra/webkit2gtk: removed patch for gir generationAndreas Baumann
2021-01-27extra/linux-pae: 5.10.10 -> 5.10.11Erich Eckner
2021-01-27extra/js78: trying to build with rust148, also fixed architecture target in ↵Andreas Baumann
2021-01-27extra/firefox: trying to build with rust148Andreas Baumann
2021-01-26extra/fftw: disabled tests on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-01-24extra/linux-pae: 5.10.9 -> 5.10.10Erich Eckner
2021-01-24extra/linux-olpc-xo1: 5.10.9.arch1 -> 5.10.10.arch1Erich Eckner
2021-01-24extra/rust: another patch for removing lib32- stuffAndreas Baumann
2021-01-23extra/rust: i686 needed different patching (spec files renamed)Andreas Baumann
2021-01-23extra/rust: trying to build 1.49 with rust148Andreas Baumann
2021-01-23extra/flashplugin: deleted upstreamAndreas Baumann
2021-01-23extra/mesa: another trial on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-01-22extra/firefox: hotfix makedepends+=(llvm10-libs) to circumvent broken rustErich Eckner
2021-01-22extra/mesa: breaking cycle with libva and libglvnd on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-01-22extra/lirc: added libftdi-compat as makedependAndreas Baumann
2021-01-21extra/libva: trying to break cycle with mesaAndreas Baumann
2021-01-20extra/linux-olpc-xo1: 5.10.6.arch1 -> 5.10.9.arch1Erich Eckner
2021-01-20extra/linux-pae: 5.10.7 -> 5.10.9Erich Eckner
2021-01-20extra/linux-zen: new version => new config => new checksumErich Eckner
2021-01-19update config.toml.patchErich Eckner
2021-01-19fixup for c62a42a0d40c381bddbabc63152f4e30386b51b0: forgot to update checksumErich Eckner
2021-01-18extra/firefox: patch changed - thanks to mistersmeeErich Eckner
2021-01-17extra/libglvnd: trying to break cycle with mesaAndreas Baumann
2021-01-16extra/gegl: no vala API on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-01-15extra/cairo: removed librsvg patching for i486Andreas Baumann
2021-01-15extra/emacs: removed librsvg patching for i486Andreas Baumann
2021-01-14extra/linux-zen: new version => new config => new checksumErich Eckner
2021-01-13extra/linux-olpc-xo1: 5.10.5.arch1 -> 5.10.6.arch1Erich Eckner