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2019-11-20extra/asp: 0.5 -> 0.5.1Erich Eckner
2019-04-17extra/asp: 0.3 -> 0.5 and switch to for now due to certi...Erich Eckner
2019-02-17extra/asp: use git sourceErich Eckner
2019-02-17extra/asp: 0.2 -> 0.3Erich Eckner
2019-02-11extra/asp: 0.1 -> 0.2Erich Eckner
2018-10-15extra/asp: fix PKGBUILD (do I ever test my commits?)Erich Eckner
2018-10-15extra/asp: forgot to bump versionErich Eckner
2018-10-15extra/asp: update to our new versionErich Eckner
2018-06-06use as our sourcesErich Eckner
2018-06-06github -> git.archlinux32.orgErich Eckner
2018-01-10replace extra/asp with our own (not yet very different) oneErich Eckner