path: root/blacklist/i686
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-01community/go: fixed for pentium4, dropped on i686 and i486Andreas Baumann
2021-06-11blacklisted vivaldi and vivaldi-ffmpeg-codecs on non-pentium4Andreas Baumann
2021-05-07community/newsboat-og: added as replacement for newsboat on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-04-26extra/polkit-duktape: for i486 only replacing mozjs78-baed polkitAndreas Baumann
2021-04-10extra/rav1e: ignored on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-01-15comminity/librsvg-og blacklisted on all architectures but i486Andreas Baumann
2020-05-15community/vmaf: disabled for i686 and belowAndreas Baumann