AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-07community/newsboat-og: added as replacement for newsboat on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-07extra/gst-plugins-bad: building without opencv on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-07extra/opencv: no java, vtk on i486 (but java seems required)Andreas Baumann
2021-05-07community/vtk: no gnuplot (cycle) and python-matplotlib on i486 (we still nee...Andreas Baumann
2021-05-07community/virtualbox: reverted last commitAndreas Baumann
2021-05-07community/virtualbox: trying to build everything againAndreas Baumann
2021-05-07community/virtualbox: have a try to work around OOMsAndreas Baumann
2021-05-07community/gdal: more python patching on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-07community/gdal: skip python bindings on i486 (FS32#188)Andreas Baumann
2021-05-06Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Baumann
2021-05-06extra/python-numpy: fixed compilation flags for SSE and friendsAndreas Baumann
2021-05-06community/gdal: fixed typosAndreas Baumann
2021-05-06extra/linux-pae: 5.11.16 -> 5.12.1Erich Eckner
2021-05-06build-support/python-setuptools-bootstrap: new version => new checksumErich Eckner
2021-05-06extra/linux-olpc-xo1: 5.11.16.arch1 -> 5.12.1.arch1Erich Eckner
2021-05-06community/gdal: added proper SSE configure flags (no autoguessing)Andreas Baumann
2021-05-05extra/python: ignoring blocking test_socketAndreas Baumann
2021-05-04community/openvdb: ignore numpy everywhereAndreas Baumann
2021-05-04community/openvdb: moved from extra/openvdbAndreas Baumann
2021-05-04extra/openvdb: patch numpy problems and -latomic on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-04extra/epiphany: work around icu68 link errors in tests by not executing themAndreas Baumann
2021-05-04community/libmanette: build fixes for i486 (no vala, gtkdoc) and hotfix for F...Andreas Baumann
2021-05-03extra/java7-openjdk: reenabled gtk2 on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-03extra/dav1d: build documentation on i486 againAndreas Baumann
2021-05-03core/linux: build documentation on i486 againAndreas Baumann
2021-05-03extra/graphite: build documentation again on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-03extra/cairo: build with gtk2 and poppler-glib on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-03extra/wpewebkit: do not build documentation on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-02extra/linux-pae: 5.11.16 -> 5.12.1Erich Eckner
2021-05-02fix 64-bittinessErich Eckner
2021-05-02extra/graphviz: removed cycle breakers on i486 for gtk2, qt5 and monoAndreas Baumann
2021-05-02extra/v4l-utils: remove qt5 cycle break on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-02extra/libde265: remove tq5 cycle breaks on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-02extra/doxygen: removed qt5 and graphviz cycle breaker on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-02extra/emacs: removed exclusion of libotf m17n-lib and gtk3 on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-02core/pinentry: removed gtk2, qt5-base cycle break for i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-02extra/poppler: removed gtk3, qt5-base cycle break for i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-02extra/ibus: removed gtk3, qt5-base cycle break for i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-02Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Baumann
2021-05-02extra/vim: removed gtk3, libcanberra cycle break for i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-02extra/linux-pae: 5.12 -> 5.12.1Erich Eckner
2021-05-02extra/libnotify: removed gtk3 cycle break for i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-02extra/pygobject: removed gtk3 cycle break for i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-02extra/ghostscript: removed gtk3, glu and freeglut cycle breaks for i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-02extra/libinput: removed gtk3 cycle break for i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-02community/fcitx: removed gtk3 cycle break for i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-02blacklisted mattermostAndreas Baumann
2021-05-02blacklisted meilisearchAndreas Baumann
2021-05-02extra/gst-plugins-good: added libdrm for i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-02extra/gst-plugins-base: removed local patch for FS#62453Andreas Baumann