AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-26core/pacman: add patch for different sse2 detection - this should now also wo...Erich Eckner
2021-05-24extra/linux-pae: 5.12.4 -> 5.12.6Erich Eckner
2021-05-24extra/linux-olpc-xo1: 5.12.4.arch1 -> 5.12.6.arch1Erich Eckner
2021-05-21extra/subversion: readded java on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-21core/automake: readded java on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-21community/scala: works fine with java 8/11, removed java constraint patchingAndreas Baumann
2021-05-21community/tigervnc: removed rmi3 and no-java patching on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-21community/smali: force java version no longer needed, done upstreamAndreas Baumann
2021-05-21community/jsampler: reenabled java on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-21community/rubberband: readded java on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-21community/vtk: readded java and ant on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-21community/libgda: no mysql or firebird on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-21extra/glade: no gjs on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-21community/libgda: renamed from extra/libgdaAndreas Baumann
2021-05-21extra/libjpeg-turbo: readded java on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-21extra/brltty: readded java on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-20extra/abiword: link-grammar is available on i486 nowAndreas Baumann
2021-05-20added java7-openjdk to build-supportAndreas Baumann
2021-05-20leaving all intermedia java versions for now in build-supportAndreas Baumann
2021-05-20added bin32-jdk6 to build-support (disabled)Andreas Baumann
2021-05-20build-support/ant19: bumped pkgrelAndreas Baumann
2021-05-20put gcc10 onto blacklistAndreas Baumann
2021-05-20extra/java-openjdk: bootstrapping via jdk14Andreas Baumann
2021-05-20added java14-openjdk to build-supportAndreas Baumann
2021-05-19java13-openjdk: flags are in the wrong placeAndreas Baumann
2021-05-19added java13-openjdk to build-supportAndreas Baumann
2021-05-19added java12-openjdk to build-supportAndreas Baumann
2021-05-18extra/java11-openjdk: fixes and bootstrapping for i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-18removed some old java version (which are in build-support now for bootstrapping)Andreas Baumann
2021-05-18added java10-openjdk to build-supportAndreas Baumann
2021-05-17extra/linux-zen: new version => new config => new checksumErich Eckner
2021-05-17extra/linux-olpc-xo1: 5.12.3.arch1 -> 5.12.4.arch1Erich Eckner
2021-05-17core/linux: new version => new config => new checksumErich Eckner
2021-05-16build-support/java9-openjdk: forgot shell scriptsAndreas Baumann
2021-05-16added java9-openjdk to build-support (for bootstrapping java on i486)Andreas Baumann
2021-05-15unblocked more java jdks on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-15extra/cmake: reverted to single core buildsAndreas Baumann
2021-05-15extra/cmake: disable docu on i486 and forced parallel buildsAndreas Baumann
2021-05-15community/vtk: removed gnuplot cycle breaking on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-15extra/java8-openjdk: removed bootstrapping codeAndreas Baumann
2021-05-15extra/java8-openjdk: another bootstrapping trialAndreas Baumann
2021-05-15also added ant19 for jdk7 bootstrapping (though this doesnt work currrently)Andreas Baumann
2021-05-15bootstrapped and unblacklisted java8-openjdkAndreas Baumann
2021-05-15extra/java8-openjdk: added _DOC_ARCH on i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-14extra/linux-pae: 5.12.2 -> 5.12.4Erich Eckner
2021-05-14extra/linux-olpc-xo1: 5.12.2.arch1 -> 5.12.3.arch1Erich Eckner
2021-05-14community/lxsession: more polkit-duktape fixes for i486Andreas Baumann
2021-05-14extra/epiphany: another try to build without gjs on i486, failedAndreas Baumann
2021-05-14community/midori: excluding zeitgeist (as zeitgeist seem broken upstream)Andreas Baumann
2021-05-14community/lxsession: using polkit-duktape on i486Andreas Baumann