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@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@ i686 ospray # "Your Embree build needs to support at least one ISA >= SSE4.1!"
any ovmf # "ERROR: This package must be built under the x86_64 architecture.", UEFI for VMS, of little use anyway with 32-bit machines
i686 parallel-netcdf-openmpi # requires MPI_Offset >= 8, which is not (yet?) possible on 32 bits - see
i686 parity # "32-bit targets are not supported at the moment, You can use '32bit_opt_in' feature. See
+any pnetcdf-openmpi # "Building of PnetCDF cannot continue due to the size of MPI_Offset being less than 8 bytes. Please use an MPI library that supports large files. Abort."
i686 python-openstacksdk # infinite looping on build slaves, might be temporary
i686 python-pytorch # Gloo can only be built on 64-bit systems
i686 qcef # contains CEF binaries (not current ones) for 64-bit and MIPS only, no 32-bit Intel. Discuss with the authors if you need it.