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In case, the files therein exist in the respective original package, the respective original package files are either appended (in case of `PKGBUILD`) or overwritten (for other files).
* The file `blacklist` containes a list of packages which won't be built for i686 (because they can't be built for or are useless on i686).
* The file `extra-from-multilib` contains a list of packages which are in multilib for x86_64, but belong in extra (and not community) for i686.
+Additional to the abovementioned changes to the package sources, the following changes are made automatically by the [build master's mangle_pkgbuild()]( which should therefor **not** be committed here:
+* append architectures to `arch` array
+* append our sub_pkgrel
+* remove `lib32-` prefixes if present \ No newline at end of file