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community/dtools: removed from blacklist as dmd is already on the blacklist
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@@ -5,7 +5,6 @@ delve # currently no 32-bit support, see <a href="
dmd # fails to build, <a href="">upstream</a> is unresponsive, see <a href="">forum</a>
dotnet-core # not available for 32-bit on linux, see <a href="">here</a>
fox-devel # fails on non 64-bit Intel, blacklisting for now, see FS32#13
-dtools # requires dmd, which is also blacklisted
linux-hardened # not <a href="">really useful</a> on i686 + hard to maintain
libretro-citra # do not build, see FS32#23
libretro-mupen64plus # do not build, see FS32#23