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@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ i686 eclipse # no more 32-bit packages upstream, compile your own or use 2018-09
i686 electron # fails to build since quite some time - feel free to open pull requests
i686 electron2 # see above
i686 firefox-developer-edition # llvm segfaults, virtual memory issues (blacklisting may be temporary)
+i686 gitlab # basically, it never builds
i686 intel-media-driver # Broadwell+ iGPUs, not really useful for old machines
i686 julia # /build/julia/src/julia/src/atomics.h:9:4: error: #error Julia can only be built for architectures above Pentium 4. Pass -march=pentium4, or set MARCH=pentium4 and ensure that -march is not passed separately with an older architecture.
i686 linux-hardened # not <a href="">really useful</a> on i686 + hard to maintain