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@@ -9,7 +9,6 @@ nsjail # kafel has no 32-bit Intel support, see also <a href="https://bbs.archli
opera # dropped 32-bit version in version 46.0.2597.26
python-pytorch # Gloo can only be built on 64-bit systems
rubinius # Support for non-64bit platforms was deprecated 1 Jun 2016 and has now been removed. If non-64bit support is a critical feature for your application, please email
-sbcl # It _should_ compile for 32 bit, but does not -- see <a href="">forum</a>.
skia-sharp # does not provide a bin/gn for 32-bit Linux, see FS32#8
skia-sharp58 # does not provide a bin/gn for 32-bit Linux, see FS32#8
vc # "Unsupported target architecture 'i686'. No support_???.cpp file exists for this architecture", complain upstream if you need it