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@@ -12,3 +12,9 @@ Additional to the abovementioned changes to the package sources, the following c
* append architectures to `arch` array
* append our sub_pkgrel
* remove `lib32-` prefixes if present
+* Using `CARCH` outside of the default functions in the `PKGBUILD` will not work, as the `PKGBUILD` is parsed once **on an x86_64 host**.
+Use `$variable_$arch` instead as documented upstream.
+* For the same reason, patching `pkgname` on a per-`CARCH` basis is not possible.
+Instead of removing an item from the `pkgname` array for a certain architecture, one can make the respective `package_...` function's body empty (one should **not** undefine the whole function).