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blacklisted community/qcef
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@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ nsjail # kafel has no 32-bit Intel support, see also <a href="https://bbs.archli
opera # dropped 32-bit version in version 46.0.2597.26
opera-ffmpeg-codecs # as opera itself is blacklisted
python-pytorch # Gloo can only be built on 64-bit systems
+qcef # contains CEF binaries (not current ones) for 64-bit and MIPS only, no 32-bit Intel. Discuss with the authors if you need it.
reflector # supports Archlinux mirrors and not Archlinux32 mirrors (yet)
rubinius # Support for non-64bit platforms was deprecated 1 Jun 2016 and has now been removed. If non-64bit support is a critical feature for your application, please email
skia-sharp # does not provide a bin/gn for 32-bit Linux, see FS32#8