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2010-03-01Fixed a bug if mode change had extra arguments it would crash on unpacking th...Chris Oliver
2010-02-28Fixed bug where if logs folder exists and no index.html exists, the bot will ...Chris Oliver
2010-02-13Added a multithreaded bot managerChris Oliver
2010-02-13Working nick changesChris Oliver
2010-02-13Missing ) and added nick/topic changesChris Oliver
2010-02-13Added readme and index.html generationChris Oliver
2010-02-13Fixed up the bot a ton, rewrote it from scratchChris Oliver
2010-02-08Added auto-identifyChris Oliver
2010-02-08Removed spaces around nicksChris Oliver
2010-02-08prettified the theme and outputChris Oliver
2010-02-07Added HTML writingChris Oliver
2010-02-07Merged ashcrow's addition of a config fileChris Oliver
2010-02-07Prototyping log functionalityChris Oliver
2010-02-06uses a config file nowSteve 'Ashcrow' Milner
2010-02-06Gave the bot plastic surgery, it no longer looks the same from most anglesChris Oliver
2009-11-28first commitChris Oliver