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2018-04-07ii-connect: wtf: pkgfile -> tyzoid's interfaceErich Eckner
2018-04-04new column in `package_sources`: `commit_time`Erich Eckner
2018-04-03bin/ii-connect: use correct config fileErich Eckner
2018-04-03substitute bin/wtf by pkgfileErich Eckner
2018-04-03bin/strict-bashism-check: check only executables in conf/ with shellcheckErich Eckner
2018-04-03bin/strict-bashism-check: ignore non-executables in conf/Erich Eckner
2018-04-02bin/bootstrap-mysql: new column in build_slavesErich Eckner
2018-04-02bin/ping-from-slave: save build_slaves.last_actionErich Eckner
2018-04-02bin/bootstrap-mysql: remove done TODOErich Eckner
2018-03-29bin/return-assignment: skip file insertion for nowErich Eckner
2018-03-29bin/wtf: fix joinsErich Eckner
2018-03-29bin/wtf: explicitely chose partitionErich Eckner
2018-03-29bin/build-packages: do not lock ping-to-buildmaster for each straw - this doe...Erich Eckner
2018-03-29bin/sanity-check: fix sed commandErich Eckner
2018-03-29bin/ping-from-slave: make mysql queries non-fatal ("unimportant")Erich Eckner
2018-03-29bin/sanity-check: print failed mysql query, too, so we might get a hint which...Erich Eckner
2018-03-29lib/mysql-functions, bin/return-assignment: mysql_insert_package_files_query(...Erich Eckner
2018-03-29bin/bootstrap-mysql: correct comment on `files` and `file_providers`Erich Eckner
2018-03-29bin/sanity-check: respect level of silence for pending mysql query error messageErich Eckner
2018-03-28bin/bootstrap-mysql: add todoErich Eckner
2018-03-28bin/wtf: new table format, smaller bugfixesErich Eckner
2018-03-28bin/bootstrap-mysql: "ON DELETE SET NULL" for "NULL" columnsErich Eckner
2018-03-28fix indentationsErich Eckner
2018-03-28bin/bootstrap-mysql: add "ON ... CASCADE" to foreign keysErich Eckner
2018-03-28bin/bootstrap-mysql: fix typoErich Eckner
2018-03-27bin/ping-to-master: failing ssh is not a reason to abortErich Eckner
2018-03-27bin/ii-connect: use inotify-wait, interprete "wtf"Erich Eckner
2018-03-27bin/wtf newErich Eckner
2018-03-27bin/return-assignment: remove build_slave.logged_lines if job is removedErich Eckner
2018-03-27bin/ping-from-slave: save count of logged lines in databaseErich Eckner
2018-03-27bin/bootstrap-mysql: add new column to `build_slaves`Erich Eckner
2018-03-27bin/return-assignment: remove duplicate files from table instead of failingErich Eckner
2018-03-26bin/return-assignment: save package hash and file list in database, tooErich Eckner
2018-03-25bin/get-package-updates: show more verbose progress on mysql_generate_package...Erich Eckner
2018-03-25bin/bootstrap-mysql: link tables, tooErich Eckner
2018-03-25bin/bootstrap-mysql: create `files` and `file_providers`, tooErich Eckner
2018-03-24bin/check-opcodes: fix error messageErich Eckner
2018-03-24bin/check-opcodes: reduce "set +e ... set -e"Erich Eckner
2018-03-24run shellchek in same dir as scriptErich Eckner
2018-03-24reverted opcode to original (no shellcheck)Andreas Baumann
2018-03-23bin/check-opcodes: fix find expression to retrieve libraries onlyErich Eckner
2018-03-23bin/return-assignment: fix regex matching haskell packagesErich Eckner
2018-03-23bin/get-package-updates: use revisions from database instead of filesErich Eckner
2018-03-23bin/bootstrap-mysql: set head on bootstrapping to HEADErich Eckner
2018-03-23bin/build-master-status: blacklist.html is obsoleteErich Eckner
2018-03-23bin/get-package-updates: save black-list(-reason) in databaseErich Eckner
2018-03-23bin/bootstrap-mysql: build_assignments.is_black_listed should be TEXTErich Eckner
2018-03-23bin/bootstrap-mysql: new column `is_black_listed` in `build_assignments`Erich Eckner
2018-03-23bin/sanity-check: check git heads in database, not in filesErich Eckner
2018-03-22decommission deletion-listErich Eckner