path: root/bin/clean-git
AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-05-04bin/clean-git: reclone in case we honly have one remoteErich Eckner
2018-07-18bin/clean-git: actually set ionice level of "git gc"Erich Eckner
2018-07-11bin/clean-git: use ioniceErich Eckner
2018-05-25conf/default.conf -> lib/load-configuration; conf/local.conf -> ↵Erich Eckner
2018-05-08lib/mysql-functions: mysql_package_name_query make table names customizableErich Eckner
2018-03-24run shellchek in same dir as scriptErich Eckner
2017-09-28bin/clean-git new for running "git gc" separatelyErich Eckner