path: root/bin/change-git-remotes
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-03bin/change-git-remotes: fix old archlinux git pathErich Eckner
2021-07-03bin/change-git-remotes: try git:// for archlinux repos firstErich Eckner
2021-07-03bin/change-git-remotes: add github mirror for archlinux's packages and communityErich Eckner
2021-06-05make shellcheck happy againErich Eckner
2019-11-20bin/change-git-remotes: do not operate on . if git_dir is empty (because the ...Erich Eckner
2019-11-18Revert "bin/change-git-remotes: not all urls have changed ..."Erich Eckner
2019-11-18bin/change-git-remotes: not all urls have changed ...Erich Eckner
2019-11-18bin/change-git-remotes: update url scheme and ssh git userErich Eckner
2019-11-08bin/change-git-remotes: add releng repositoryErich Eckner
2019-10-07bin/change-git-remotes: do not skip identical url - it might have workedErich Eckner
2019-10-07bin/change-git-remotes: remove duplicate lineErich Eckner
2019-10-06bin/change-git-remotes: change working upstreams to less-cached ones, tooErich Eckner
2019-09-12bin/change-git-remotes: unconditionally try git before httpsErich Eckner
2019-09-10bin/change-git-remotes: consider git protocol if current url uses itErich Eckner
2019-09-10bin/change-git-remotes: add TODOErich Eckner
2019-09-10bin/change-git-remotes newErich Eckner