AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-08-23conf/default.conf: silence "appears unused" warningErich Eckner
2017-08-23silence a lot shellcheck warningsErich Eckner
2017-08-23bin/build-master-status: make shellcheck-conformErich Eckner
2017-08-23bin/why_dont_you: cleanupErich Eckner
2017-08-23bin/calculate-dependent-packages: correctly handle loopsErich Eckner
2017-08-22bin/db-update: add todoErich Eckner
2017-08-22bin/build-master-status: include number of dependent packages on websiteErich Eckner
2017-08-22bin/common-functions: clarify commentErich Eckner
2017-08-22bin/calculate-dependent-packages newErich Eckner
2017-08-22bin/build-packages: try to download sources by hashErich Eckner
2017-08-15bin/common-functions: add ugly hack to make perl-list-moreutils find its PKGB...Erich Eckner
2017-08-14bin/db-update: bugfixErich Eckner
2017-08-14bin/db-update: unstage base and base-devel packages only if no base and base-...Erich Eckner
2017-08-12bin/db-update: whoops, bugfixErich Eckner
2017-08-12bin/show-dependencies: combine similar knotsErich Eckner
2017-08-11bin/show-dependencies: also print graph of all build-list itemsErich Eckner
2017-08-10bin/db-update: also accept package file names instead of package state file n...Erich Eckner
2017-08-08bin/db-update: unstage base and base-devel packages despite dependenciesErich Eckner
2017-08-07bin/show-dependencies: also generate dependency graphs for all dependencies o...Erich Eckner
2017-08-07bin/show-dependencies: keep all graphs of packages still on the build-listErich Eckner
2017-08-03bin/build-master-status: include title for status webpageErich Eckner
2017-08-03bin/build-master-status: give link to last log for broken packagesErich Eckner
2017-08-03bin/build-master-status: do not print packages which would not be built in br...Erich Eckner
2017-08-03bin/build-master-status: save list of broken packages in temporary fileErich Eckner
2017-08-03bin/build-master-status: only count broken packages which would be built (again)Erich Eckner
2017-08-03bin/common-functions: append architectures also if PKGBUILD not modified othe...Erich Eckner
2017-08-03bin/build-master-status: include statistics about packages that could be builtErich Eckner
2017-08-03bin/build-master-status: truncate statistics to fixed time periode instead of...Erich Eckner
2017-08-03use sanity-flag file instead of actually checking build master sanityErich Eckner
2017-08-03bin/sanity-check: save mark if build master is insane or saneErich Eckner
2017-08-02bin/build-master-status: fix output for webserverErich Eckner
2017-08-02bin/strict-bashism-check newErich Eckner
2017-08-02clean up some bashismsErich Eckner
2017-08-02remove unnecessary and confusing quotesErich Eckner
2017-08-02bin/get-package-updates: remove bashismErich Eckner
2017-08-02bin/show-dependencies: generate build-list.sorted-by-package on demandErich Eckner
2017-08-02bin/build-master-status: major cleanup: now all variables are read from conf/...Erich Eckner
2017-08-02new config variable "webserver_directory" replaces "graphs_directory"Erich Eckner
2017-08-02bin/show-dependencies: reduce large graphs by ignoring base and base-develErich Eckner
2017-08-02bin/show-dependencies: recognize packages on the deletion-listErich Eckner
2017-08-02bin/show-dependencies: bugfixesErich Eckner
2017-08-02bin/show-dependencies: delete spurious pngsErich Eckner
2017-08-02bin/show-dependencies: move output directory variable to conf/default.confErich Eckner
2017-07-29new routine to find dependencies on the build list: "find_dependencies_on_bui...Erich Eckner
2017-07-29ignore *-unstable repositories everywhereErich Eckner
2017-07-29bin/get-package-updates: ignore *-unstable repositories (for now)Erich Eckner
2017-07-29bin/get-package-updates: bugfixes, add hack(!)-whitelistErich Eckner
2017-07-28bin/common-functions: bugfix, cleanupErich Eckner
2017-07-28bin/common-functions: take into account *_i686 variablesErich Eckner
2017-07-28conf/default.conf: recognize bash and dash if executed with pathErich Eckner