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# builder
tools for building 32-bit archlinux packages from's official, 64-bit tested PKGBUILDs et al.
+This includes scripts to be run on the build master as well as scripts to be run on the build slaves (both residing in `bin`).
+## configuration
+The standard configuration in `conf/default.conf` can be locally overwritten by `conf/local.conf`.
+## tools for the build master
+* `get-assignment`:
+Receive a build assignment from the `build-list`.
+* `get-package-updates`:
+Update the `build-list`.
+* `build-slave-connect`:
+Proxy command to be allowed for connection via ssh from build slaves - this way, they can execute exactly the commands they need to operate.
+## tools for the build slaves
+* `build-packages`:
+Get a build assignment from the build master, build it and report back.
+## working directory
+In the standard configuration, the directory `work` will be used to cache the following data:
+* `build-list`, `build-list.loops`, `build-order`, `tsort.error`:
+order of builds of packages and dependency loops
+* `deletion-list`:
+packages to be deleted
+* `*.revision`:
+current revisions of the respective repository
+* `package-infos`:
+meta data of packages
+* `packages`, `community`, `packages32`:
+git repositories of PKGBUILDs and modifications