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Receive list of packages with issues from the bug tracker.
* `check-db-structure`:
Dump the structure of the database.
+* `check-mirrors`:
+Check responsiveness of mirrors and update database accordingly.
+* `check-upstream-bug-tracker`:
+Check archlinux' bug tracker for reports about packages which are broken on archlinux32 and add wait-for entries in the database.
+* `clean-dependencies`:
+Remove run-time dependencies from the database which are not recorded in the package itself.
* `cleanup`:
Clean up left over files.
* `copy-to-build-support`:
@@ -75,10 +81,14 @@ Find packages which are no longer available upstream.
Receive a build assignment from the `build-list`.
* `get-package-updates`:
Update the `build-list`.
+* `harvest-commit-times`:
+Harvest the commit times of package sources from git and put them into the database.
* `ii-answer`:
Answer the irc channel.
* `ii-connect`:
-Connect to and watch the irc channel.
+Connect to the irc channel.
+* `ii-watch`:
+Watch the irc channel.
* `interpret-mail`:
Interpret the content of an email - also checks for validity of the mail.
* `modify-package-state`:
@@ -95,20 +105,26 @@ Return an assignment - either a tar of built package(s) or of error logs.
Check sanity of build master.
* `seed-build-list`:
Seed the build list from an upstream mirror or a manual package list.
-* `show-dependencies`:
-Generate graphs of dependencies between build-list packages for the web server.
* `slave-build-connect`:
Proxy command to be allowed for connection via ssh from build slaves - this way, they can execute exactly the commands they need to operate.
+* `systemd-email`:
+Helper to add sendmail capability to systemd services.
+* `update-pacman-dbs`:
+Update the pacman databases required by `wtf`.
* `why-dont-you`:
Script to investigate why a (desired) action is not done.
* `wtf`:
Find which package contains a given file.
+* `wtp`:
+Find a package.
## tools for the build slaves
* `build-packages`:
Get a build assignment from the build master, build it and report back.
* `clean-cache`:
Remove packages from /var/cache/archbuild32 which do not match their checksum.
+* `local-build-package`:
+Build package without involvement of build-master.
* `ping-to-master`:
Ping the build master to show the slave is still compiling.