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- blacklist: text file, list of packages that will be ignored by the build system (e.g. cannot build for this architecture).
- build-manually: text file, list of packages that will be added to the build list on update, but need manual interaction before build. Packages that depend on this package will be also hold back.
- update-once: text file, list of packages that will be updated next time even if nothing changed. This list will be cleared out on next update. This list overrides the 'build-manually' list.
+- extra-from-multilib: text file, list of packages that are in `multilib` for x86_64 and should be in `extra` rather than `community` for i686
## Build list
The build list is a text file, and will contain the list of packages that need to be built in the proper build order. One package per line, a line contains the package name, the git revision number and the repository name.