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2018-07-19added publicsuffix-list for libpsl in stage4Andreas Baumann
2018-07-11added perl-test-warnings, needed by perl-test-mockmoduleAndreas Baumann
2018-07-07added libnsl for libuv in stage 4Andreas Baumann
2018-07-07git needs perl-mailtools nowAndreas Baumann
2018-04-20added namcap and dependenciesAndreas Baumann
2018-04-20added rsync in stage4 (needed by mkarchroot)Andreas Baumann
2018-04-15building aspAndreas Baumann
2018-04-07building standard ISO for systems with more than 256 MB of RAMAndreas Baumann
2018-04-06building more stuff needed for archisoAndreas Baumann
2018-04-06added archiso32-git for CDROM buildingAndreas Baumann
2018-04-02added some missing packages in stage4Andreas Baumann
2018-04-01working on NBD rootAndreas Baumann
2018-03-31built up to glibcAndreas Baumann
2018-03-30building up to gcc in stage4Andreas Baumann
2018-03-29building more systemd stuff in stage4Andreas Baumann
2018-03-28building up to mysql in stage4Andreas Baumann
2018-03-25building up to guileAndreas Baumann
2018-03-24building up to linux in stage4Andreas Baumann
2018-03-23built up to coreutilsAndreas Baumann
2018-03-23building stage 4 up to libcapAndreas Baumann
2018-03-23building git, some fixes with login shells in sshAndreas Baumann
2018-03-22building pcre2 without jit (XMM registers are bad on i486)Andreas Baumann
2018-03-22for now skipping failing tests in automake/python, as they work locallyAndreas Baumann
2018-03-17testing automake, quite some Python errorsAndreas Baumann
2018-03-15stage4: building with docu and tests up to help2manAndreas Baumann
2018-03-15cleanup and plan for stage4Andreas Baumann