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2018-03-15cleanup and plan for stage4Andreas Baumann
2018-03-10building up to mesonAndreas Baumann
2018-03-08building up to pam (with krb5 and libtirpc)Andreas Baumann
2018-02-22first working packages on stage 2Andreas Baumann
2018-02-17fixed all shellcheck bugsAndreas Baumann
2018-02-08added glibcAndreas Baumann
2018-02-07building up to gccAndreas Baumann
2018-02-07asp/asp32 depending on platform of hostAndreas Baumann
2018-02-06adapted to linux config naming changesAndreas Baumann
2018-02-05building up to pacman pre-requisites, pacman itself doesn't work yetAndreas Baumann
2018-02-04reorganized directory structure for package description, patches and other filesAndreas Baumann
2018-02-01bugfixing, complete rebuildAndreas Baumann
2018-02-01building up to libarchiveAndreas Baumann
2018-02-01building up to util-linuxAndreas Baumann
2018-02-01added package patch supportAndreas Baumann
2018-02-01made perl work in parallel buildAndreas Baumann
2018-01-30building up to perl, perl itself failsAndreas Baumann
2018-01-30make sure to clean the package directory and remove stale packages when buildingAndreas Baumann
2018-01-28some more packages, readline fails, no clueAndreas Baumann
2018-01-28first working stage1 buildingAndreas Baumann
2018-01-28added package descriptions for stage1Andreas Baumann