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2018-04-02added some missing packages in stage4Andreas Baumann
2018-03-15cleanup and plan for stage4Andreas Baumann
2018-03-11got systemdAndreas Baumann
2018-03-10building up to mesonAndreas Baumann
2018-03-09added python3 and python2 in stage 3 (no modules yet)Andreas Baumann
2018-03-08finished all uncritical packages in stage 3, up to pacmanAndreas Baumann
2018-03-08building up to pam (with krb5 and libtirpc)Andreas Baumann
2018-02-25building most unproblematic packages in stage3Andreas Baumann
2018-02-24building stage3 up to joeAndreas Baumann
2018-02-24prepared everything for stage 3Andreas Baumann
2018-02-24building all but syslinux, gcc and glibcAndreas Baumann
2018-02-23building up to linuxAndreas Baumann
2018-02-23building up to libarchiveAndreas Baumann
2018-02-23added git to stage2Andreas Baumann
2018-02-22building stage2 up to zlib (with zlib still being broken because of missing g...Andreas Baumann
2018-02-22first working packages on stage 2Andreas Baumann
2018-02-19building first package on stage 2Andreas Baumann
2018-02-18work on stage 2Andreas Baumann
2018-02-15computing minimal dependencies and make-dependencies for stage2Andreas Baumann
2018-02-13removed check dependency when building tests against libcheck in kbdAndreas Baumann
2018-02-13fixed empty shimsAndreas Baumann
2018-02-12added syslinuxAndreas Baumann
2018-02-11updated todosAndreas Baumann
2018-02-11added gdbAndreas Baumann
2018-02-10added strace for debuggingAndreas Baumann
2018-02-10terminated guile experiment to fix GNU make issuesAndreas Baumann
2018-02-10updated TODOAndreas Baumann
2018-02-09cleaned and commented create_hdd.shAndreas Baumann
2018-02-08some stage 1 cleanupAndreas Baumann
2018-02-08reverted naming of shims for gcc-lib, glibc and ca-certificatesAndreas Baumann
2018-02-07building up to gccAndreas Baumann
2018-02-06adapted to linux config naming changesAndreas Baumann
2018-02-01bugfixing, complete rebuildAndreas Baumann