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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-06-05added right SHA1 checksumChristian Rebischke
2017-06-05new arch linux releaseChristian Rebischke
2017-05-08added bootcommands for qemuChristian Rebischke
2017-05-08fixed datetime errorChristian Rebischke
2017-05-07added qemu provisioning scriptsChristian Rebischke
2017-05-07added qemu supportChristian Rebischke
2017-05-07Different enhancementsChristian Rebischke
added polkit to pacstrap for systemctl poweroff, added sudo to poweroff command, moved link for systemd-resolved to
2017-05-06added new, moved the controllers to and added ↵Christian Rebischke
the script to vagrant.json
2017-05-06fixed target architectureChristian Rebischke
2017-05-06disabled guest additions iso downloadChristian Rebischke
2017-05-06fixed isotimeChristian Rebischke
2017-05-06changed vagrant.jsonChristian Rebischke
2017-05-06added better version of vagrant.jsonChristian Rebischke